Here is a sneak peek at our collaboration with Shreya Kalra of FTLOFAOT Back in the day when Hauz Khas Village was on the verge of a cool hipster break out and hanging in its by-lanes wasn't as common as owning a Gucci bag in the city of Delhi, I enjoyed my occasional trips there. It helped that I lived close by and was always on the look out for niche boutiques and small labels that created interesting products. Not just to admire but to well, shop from since I self-diagnosed a serious case of a shopping disorder. Amongst my precious finds was the little boutique called LetterNote where I could spend countless hours just soaking in the the cool and aesthetically pleasing designs and their fun, inspiring design messages. It helped that I have and will for the foreseeable future be a stationery buff and obsessively collect notebooks. It was then, a delightful surprise to hear from them a few years later now to work with them on this post and shoot. I could not have been more pleased, and to have Jagrati Marwaha on board to do the photos just made my life easier. Breaking down the vibe of the concept and photography for you in common parlance would in my opinion, break the spirit of it all. Take a moment and savour this.


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