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HOLA Have you ever sung this song in school ” all things bright and beautiful ” if not then today i will show you the visual version of it.Today’s post sings this song in harmony with the gorgeous products by Letternote.We talk about this effin amazing lifestyle brand which is personally my favourite in terms of stationery goods .Reason one to fall for their products is their simple yet effective graphic design.Reason two is the beautiful colours which they incoprorate and that brings the products to life.Reason three and the most important one is that they are super affordable ! I have always been that kid who stops by the fancy stationery shops and couldn’t stop collecting stuff even if i have them in abundance specially notebooks.After all the visual part matters more than the usability ..hah ! If you have this little  collector bug inside you for lifestyle products then Letternote is the stop for you.They have a gorgeous store in Hauz Khas Village,Delhi and if not a Delhite then checkout their online store with all their amaze stuff under one roof. Till next time stay curious* Love CC Shivi Tandon

hh IMG_1691 copy IMG_1703 copy IMG_1720 copy IMG_1775 copy IMG_3595 copy IMG_3771 copy jhgg   Featured by: Shivi Tandon, http://www.curiouscomponents.in/all-things-bright-and-beautiful/ All images courtesy Shivi Tandon