Every few months, Gurpreet and I found ourselves going back to the yearly wishlist's we had made for ourselves.  Those jottings were reminders of how to live a fuller, richer and joyful life. When we were discussing creating a Manifesto for LetterNote, we both went back to those words, and decided to take those words and LIVE them. As BJ Gallagher writes: "Words to live by are just words, unless you actually live by them. Take these words and love them—take these words and LIVE them!" Now, every single day, the Live Joyfully Manifesto inspires, elates and reminds us to be more joyful!

One Life. Keep it simple. Follow your dreams. Be curious. Learn new things. Think outside the box. Do what you love. Love what you do. Don't shy away. Speak your mind. Be yourself. Be free. Work less. Do more. Don't procrastinate. Shut off the pixels. Disconnect. Take time out. Eat heartily. Take long walks. Read more. Smile often. Pick a hobby. Flip a coin. Sleep like a baby. Love deeply. Make new friends. Travel often. Enjoy the little things. Seize the day. Live every moment. Live joyfully.




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