Four months ago, we became parents again. Our second child, Samar has brought immense joy to all in the family, especially to Samaira (our first born). It is lovely to see her develop a special bond with the newborn. Nothing compares to the joy of seeing them play, hold hands and cuddle everyday. To watch two little humans share their moments of joy, communicate in a language only children understand.

I am often asked how is it transitioning from one child to two. I would say it hasn’t been difficult at all. Infact, I found the transition from being a couple with no kids to one kid tougher.  There was no rulebook as first time parents. We learnt gradually, over the years, made mistakes and learnt how to develop a strong relationship.

The past months have been those of discovery – of learning the art of raising children with love, playfulness, humour and trust. Yes, that is the backbone of maintaining a good relationship. And I am learning a lot from both of them. They are so connected in the moment. So present, right ‘there’ in their experience developing a positive connection. Isn’t that what mindful living is all about?

 Each day gives us a lot of opportunities to develop and share those tiny moments with our loved ones. Like when we hold hands or hug. Let it linger a little longer. You will feel calm and connected. Look at each other while communicating and not stare at the phone. It sends out the signal that listening is not important. Talk openly about how you are feeling, your emotions . That will inspire emotional awareness and compassion. 


I am gradually learning the art of slow parenting. Instead of sounding off alarm bells and warning instructions, I am trying to take it easy and watch them. Just look at them, when they are playing, eating or even sleeping. Trying to soak it in.  I am inspired to slow down and let my children take the lead. It is okay to not do anything. Just sit and watch. Bask in the quietude of the moment. Enjoy the little things in life.