The Dotted Journal by LetterNote is here..
Now you can go about setting your task list for the day, week or month in advance, log your events as they occur and keep different types of notes at will. 

You can doodle ideas, color code your tasks or efficiently organize your daily to-do’s using the hugely popular Bullet Journal method, that was invented by Brooklyn based product designer, Ryder Carroll.

Personally, I first tried out the dotted journal format on a blank canvas, when I read about Carroll’s powerful productivity tool on Evernote.

I loved the flexibility of the system. The fact that it allowed me to list, prioritize and schedule my daily events based on my preference, while at the same time, allowing me to plan ahead for the future. The basic framework allows you to list a topic, number pages and bullet tasks.

It also gave me a birds eye view of the tasks that were completed or forwarded to the next week. 

Gradually as I read more and more, I was amazed at how people have been using the format in different ways. Do check out Pinterest for some awesome inspiration.

I like to review my week and the Monthly Layout in the traditional Calendar format works really well for me. So does the daily To-Do list.

So go ahead and make your own rules. Use The LetterNote Dotted Journal, in any way that suits you. The idea is to Focus and Get Shit Done. 

Simplify. Shop for the LetterNote Dotted Journal today!