LetterNote partners with Feeding India to help in their initiative to save the lives of children one meal at a time. For every LetterNote purchase, we give a healthy meal for a child in India, and make a difference.

It feels good, to do good and be kind. This is our way of expressing gratitude towards life and being thankful by giving back. It is not just the promise of a healthy, nutritious meal to a young child, but the hope of a better tomorrow.

 Your Contribution Will Bring Joy To a Young One

 About Feeding India

Feeding India is the largest youth run not-for-profit working to solve problems of hunger and malnutrition in India. They channelize excess food from individuals, weddings, restaurants, corporate offices to the people who really need it and have no means or access food. The organization works with a network of 3,500 volunteers (also called Hunger Heroes) in 35+ cities of India and has served more than 2.8 million meals to people in need. 

Learn more about Feeding India here.